Article Papers publication Year
Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes Nature 2020
Fecal Microbiota Differences According to the Risk of Advanced Colorectal Neoplasms J Clin Gastroenterol. 2019
MCM7 polymorphisms associated with the AML relapse and overall survival Ann Hematol 2017
Genetic Association of PARP15 Polymorphisms with Clinical Outcome of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in a Korean Population Genet Test Mol Biomarkers 2016
SLC29A1 (ENT1) polymorphisms and outcome of complete remission in acute myeloid leukemia Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 2016
A scientific treatment approach for acute mast cell leukemia: using a strategy based on next-generation sequencing data Blood Res 2016
Cytidine deaminase polymorphisms and worse treatment response in normal karyotype AML J Hum Genet 2015
Revealing Genomic Profile That Underlies Tropism of Myeloma Cells Using Whole Exome Sequencing Int J Genomics 2015
Establishment of cell lines from both myeloma bone marrow and plasmacytoma: SNU_MM1393_BM and SNU_MM1393_SC from a single patient Biomed Res Int 2014
NT5C3 polymorphisms and outcome of first induction chemotherapy in acute myeloid leukemia Pharmacogenet Genomics 2014
Establishment and characterization of bortezomib-resistant U266 cell line: constitutive activation of NF-κB-mediated cell signals and/or alterations of ubiquitylation-related genes reduce bortezomib-induced apoptosis BMB Rep 2014
TNF α mediated IL-6 secretion is regulated by JAK/STAT pathway but not by MEK phosphorylation and AKT phosphorylation in U266 multiple myeloma cells Biomed Res Int 2013
Combined interaction of multi-locus genetic polymorphisms in cytarabine arabinoside metabolic pathway on clinical outcomes in adult acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) patients Eur J Cancer 2013
A role for benzo[a]pyrene and Slug in invasive properties of fibroblast-like synoviocytes in rheumatoid arthritis: a potential molecular link between smoking and radiographic progression Joint Bone Spine 2013
Copy number variations in normal karyotype acute myeloid leukaemia and their association with treatment response Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol 2012


No. Program Name (Agency) Project Name
1 R & D enterprise growth support business Real-time Cell Character Analysis Equipment
(R & D Special Zone Promotion Foundation)
2 Technology Transfer Project – Investment-linked R & BD Development of real-time blood cancer cell characterization platform for cancer progress prediction integrated system (CRMSI)
(R & D Special Zone Promotion Foundation)
3 Funding for commercialization of TIPS micro-residual cancer cells and separated incubator (MRDsys) product and service, and development platform of MRDsys for the prediction of cancer recurrence
(Business Development Agency)
4 TIPS Overseas Marketing Support Project Development of real-time cell tracking system for biological characterization of cells
(Business Development Agency)
5 TIP program private investment-led technology start-up support project Development of a Deep Learning-based Transition Prediction Algorithm Using Blood Cancer Cellular Dielectric Information
(Small and Medium Business Technical Information Agency)
6 Individual Basic Research Identification of target genes related to characterization of micro-residual cancer cells and anti-cancer drug resistance
(Korea Research Foundation)
7 Development of original technology of SW computing industry Development of HPC system for high-speed deep processing
(Information and Communication Technology Promotion Center)
8 Start-up tailored commercialization support project Development of cfDNA genome analysis system for cancer progress prediction
(Business Development Agency)
9 First step technology development business Separation of micro-residual cancer cells and development of culture technique
(Small and Medium Business Technical Information Agency)
10 Primary cell supply system establishment project primary cell supply system building demonstration project
(Disease Control Headquarters)


No. Patent / Program Name Country Application / registration date Application / Registration Number Remarks
1 Prediction of Glaucoma Korea 12-29-18 10-2018-0173202 Patent application
2 Dementia Prediction System Based on Deep Learning Flatform Korea 12-01-18 10-2018-0153200 Patent application
3 Micro-residual cancer cell culture incubator Korea 10-31-18 10-2018-0132478 Patent application
4 Cancer recurrence and metastasis monitoring method and system Korea 11-09-16 10-2016-0149000 Patent application
5 Genome information analysis Korea 04-25-16 10-2016-0049871 Patent application
6 Lipolysis device Korea 01-12-12 10-1332791 Patent registration
7 Terminal structure for reducing the in vivo organ and tissue damage upon contact Korea 09-28-11 10-1070275 Patent registration
8 Living cell activity assay method Korea 07-14-11 10-1050790 Patent registration


No. Awards name Organizer  year
1 No. 1 of the First Medical Big Data Analysis Contest Seoul Asan Hospital & Korea Microsoft 2017
2 Digital Innovation Award
(Separation and culture technique development of fine residual cancer cells)
Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication,_x000D_
Korea Times
3 Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Award (Biotechnology) Economic focus 2017
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