Realtime Cell Tracking Systems
Performing live imaging and single cell tracking

Performing live imaging and single cell tracking under appropriate conditions represents a powerful tool to monitor each of these events.
Living cell tracking system described enable researchers to address essential questions regarding the cell biology and
lineage progression of distinct cell population. Time-lapse video-microscopy protocol, followed by post-processing, is described to
track cell populations with single cell resolution, employing specific software.

PCASI : Real-time Cell-tracking System

  • Cellular Phosphorylation Assays
  • Cellular Kinase Assays
  • Cell Proliferation Assays
  • Soft Agar Assays (Clonogenic Assays)
  • Cell Migration Assays
  • 3D Tumor Spheroid Assays
  • Cellular Angiogenesis Assay
  • Custom-Tailored Cellular Assay Services