Kinase Profile Services
Kinexus Antibody Microarray

Patient derived xenografts (PDX) are models of cancer where the tissue or cells
from a patient’s tumor are implanted into an immunodeficient or humanized mouse.
PDX models are used to create an environment that allows for the natural growth of cancer,
its monitoring, and corresponding treatment evaluations for the original patient.

Kinexus Antibody Microarray

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One of two fields per chip; A431 cells;
direct dye labelling; no chemical cleavage.

  • 1326 antibodies pin-printed array on 3D matrix coated
    glass slide @ 100-400 pglgG/spot
  • Two lysate samples separately analyzed per slide in
    duplicate-both lysate samples are prepared with the same label
  • Mean variation in duplicate samples is within ~7-8%
  • Very high signal to noise ratio
  • Over 5,000-fold dynamic range