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Companies that develop multiple omics-based patient management systems

  • Based on the genome analysis and biological characteristics of blood cancer cells, which are direct causative cells of cancer metastasis, we are establishing micro cancer metastatic cancer prediction and anticancer screening system.
  • Developed a machine-learning-based algorithm to predict patient progression.
  • Drug susceptibility analysis system selected through cell drug reaction using real-time cell tracking system for biological characterization of disease-related cells.

We Do Service and Make Products

Realtime Cell
Tracking System
Monitoring System for
Minimal Residual Disease
Patient Care Service
based on PHR
Patient-derived Xenograft
Model Service for Cancer Progression
Genetic and Microbiome
Screening Service

PCASI: PDXen Cell Analysis System Integration
Pre-screening for cytotoxicity and Drug sensitivity

Core technology elements

Organ-on a Chip

Technology based on Lab-on a chip

Micro-incubator System

With controller for maintaining CO2, Temperature, Humidity

Live Cell Tracking System

With programs for analyzing live cell image


Machine learning algorithm

Prediction of Micro-metastatic Tumor
Cancer Recurrence Predictor In One Click

iDX Platform
Deep Learning based AI Disease Prediction System

Pre-symptomatic Analysis

PDX-IDX platform is integrated system with AI diagnostic prediction algorithms predicting risk of specific disease developments
based on the results of individual medical checkups and all clinical data of patients, and informs variables
that directly affect the risk to patients through “Self-adaptive” technology.

*Self-adaptive : Prediction model is automatically updated and trained when novel data input

Primary Cell Culture Services
Optimal Culture Media & Development of Culture Media

Co-Culturing System & Spheroid Culture System

The process of isolating single cells from human tissue and culturing them is collectively referred to as Primary cell culture with Immortalized Cell Services
Primary cell culture provides more biologically relevant data than that generated using cell lines. Concerns over the use of cell lines have resulted in a growing need for primary cells in a variety of applications from basic research to drug discovery.


With the rapid development of the “digital healthcare” industry, life sciences is accelerating
its paradigm shift from the treatment of disease to prevention and health care

By using the MEMS process, a cell chip of 4″based PDMS material is fabricated and a flow control structure is manufactured.
Lab-on-a-chip technology has also expanded into the concept of biomimetic long-term chips
with the development of cell biology and biocompatible materials development.